"When you know better, you do better." - Shirley May Springer Staton

 Healing Racism in Anchorage envisions a united Anchorage based on trust, respect, and understanding.  

Healing Racism in Anchorage is 501(c)(3) registered non-profit focused on helping people understand the history of racism in the US, how racism manifests itself today, while giving them the tools for interrupting racism in their own lives.We do this mainly through workshops and through bringing an annual speaker to Anchorage to give greater visibility to the topic. 

In addition to workshops, in 2010  HRA hosted a week of events around a  visit by Tim Wise, well-known speaker and writer on how to counter racism.  In 2011,  filmmaker and anti-bullying activist   Brent Scarpo  spent a week in Anchorage focusing on bullying and racism.  There's a preview of his film Journey to a Hate Free Millennium to the right.

For 2012 HRA's board is doing some long needed review of our materials and structure to insure we'll be around and relevant into the future.  We are working on new partnerships, new board members, and new workshops that reflect changes in the nature of racism today.  We need your help too.  Contact us to see how you can get involved.  

Contact us at HealingRacism@gmail.com 

Brent Scarpo at the Alaska Military Youth Academy 2011
Legendary Arkansas activist Annie McDaniel Abrams visited Anchorage for the Neighborhood USA Conference in May 2011.  To see a short video of her talking about the Head, Heart, and Hands, click here.