Public Seminars & More!

Each year, Healing Racism in Anchorage sponsors public programs, workshops, and seminars devoted to issues of inclusion, diversity, prejudice, racism, and equity in our community.  We have learned that racism affects EVERYONE. Some of us have been surprised at the personal benefits and healing by participation in a workshop or course. Below are some of the things we do.  And please check back with us for updates on current events!

American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage
Anchorage has often been called the largest
village in Alaska.  Anchorage is home to a
significant population of Alaska’s first peoples.
Each November a community group coordinates
dozens of activities that celebrate Alaska
Native/Native American history and culture.

Discussion Groups and Credit Courses
Healing Racism in Anchorage annually sponsors dialogue sessions and credit courses where participants read, watch films, and discuss the effects of racism on individuals and the society. Each group or class is limited to 25 people. The cost includes the purchase of written materials and tuition, if applicable. These groups/courses may be one evening a week from 5 weeks to 9 weeks (or weekend courses).  To appreciate the full benefit of healing racism we recommend the 9 week course. For individuals seeking to heal their own wounds, this may be the best program.
Email us for information about the next upcoming workshop series.

Community Workshops
Healing Racism in Anchorage offers workshops on inclusion, diversity, prejudice, racism, and equity.  Workshops may be a half day or several days. Our clientele includes public and private organizations and agencies.  To schedule a workshop, or for more information, call 561-3238.

All Are Invited to Be Involved!